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Questions answered

From Dante

You mentioned on a certain *other* podcast that RT would be starting an all women's podcast sometime in the future. Any more details about that you can drop as of now?

From wienerface

Has anybody on the podcast watched Rick And Morty? And if so, what did you think of it?

From almostatimelord

Since many IB listeners go to conventions that you're at (RTX for instance) how often do people ask to touch your butt or have their butt touched

From Bartek

Have you developed any new pick-up lines? How many women have picked up since episode XXX of the Internet Box Podcast?

From Brenda

What is the most regrettable thing you've done during 2015?

From sonny88p

have you ever thought that Jon is such a good friend to you because he can't smell you?

From sonny88p

which movie do you like more: "50 Shades of Grey" or "Secretary"?

From pericobobulated

Did you ever find your super suits?

From sonny88p

Would you rather: live in a world with a god that cared or live in a world with Batman?

From sonny88p

What is something you wish the opposite sex would stop doing?

From sonny88p

What is the most fun you can have with your parents?

From ReLax123

With the way RWBY Volume 3 ended, do you plan to sustain this darker and, in my opinion, better tone for Volume 4?

From Noobsplayhard

As the only sensible man on the podcast what dating advice could you give to me a 17 year old who still hasnt had there first kiss yet?

From fappingwhiteboi

Say you're in a room. And you're standing in the middle of the room. And you have your dick out. And Andrew's standing at the other end of the room with his mouth open. Do you think you could run full speed, jump, and get your dick in his mouth first try?

From Spa7ankiller13

Why did my dad kill himself? Also, please make a shout-out to my dank ass YouTube channel and check out one of the funniest videos you will ever see on YouTube.

From Billy_Rage

If you could, what trait of a cat would you wish to gain in your human life? Always fall on your feet? Sleep for long hours? Razor sharp killer claws?

From ThePervySage

The eight of you have been chosen as the new Digi-Destined. What digimon would you like to have as your partner in the digital world?

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