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Questions answered

From PyrosEnjoyPie

Have you ever measured your depth? Of your vajayjay

From CondomSocks

What was the best and worst birthday present you have received?

From FrankHorrigan

So, to get the obvious question out of the way, why was IB S2 delayed?

From PyrosEnjoyPie

If we start a pool for you to drop acid would you do it? If you say no we might do it anyway.

From almostatimelord

Congratulations on your marriage! How did you manage to gather the courage to do something that fundamentally life-binding?

From almostatimelord

Who is your favorite cat on Neko-Atsume?

From Bartek

Are any of you still into MLP? If not - what do you think looking back at being a brony?

From Zleek

I learned how to masturbate in a wood cabin on vacation in the 6th grade in Arizona. What's your favorite appetizer from applebee's?

From sarahjane

Andrew does your mum still think your gay?

From sonny88p

did you like Adam Sandler's portrayal of the White Knife in the movie The Ridiculous 6?

From sonny88p

If all animals could talk with you, would you still eat them?

From sonny88p

How would you find other superpowered individuals without alerting the people who are secretly hunting you?

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