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Questions answered

From Bartek

If the Grim Reaper came for you and offered you to play a game of your choosing to spare your life - what game would you pick (given that Death is MLG in every game ever).

From BBurn0

Is Off Topic like Internet Box 2.0 in your mind?


Which Mikecast dating sim has been the most enjoyable: The one where you bang the chicks with piss and shit fetishes, the one where you bang the spaceship girl, the one where you bang the cripples, or the one where you bang the pigeons?

From JuicyJake

What's your favorite internet box memory?

From cheltenham98

Dylon, you seem like the most mysterious member of IB, because you haven't worked at Roosterteeth ever and don't say weird (occasionally racist) stuff on twitter. What's something really weird about you most people don't know?

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