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Anti-Fa Riots


foking furry

In case you don't know Anti-Fa is anti fascist, its a movement that started in germany and it targets people with "fascist" views and uses violence and scare tactics.

Im sure you have seen some of the videos of swarms of people dressed in black breaking shit and setting fires. These people don't care about freedoms of the west they are a bunch of radical communists that don't care about freedoms or the safety of others.

If this crap keeps up the God Emperor Trump might have to crack down on these things and we might loose some of our rights and freedoms.

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Based Deak

lol no everyone knows america is the land of the freeā„¢ there is no such thing as taking away freedoms by the people from the people to the people trump and by extension the american people would never jeopardize the utmost american value because of a few born in the wrong generation emos im sure there is nothing to worry he is my president and im with her god bless america and no place else

Ass To Ass

The press corpse won't let the masses know about them.

Click to play.

Good ol' Donnie is gonna build a wall around 'em

Ass To Ass

@Hylan143: And he'll build it ten feet higher once it's done.


Dictatorships are toppled by protest, freedoms are won by rioting. The same language being used against anti-fa are the same language the fascists groups and liberals used in the 1930s.

foking furry

@simsoy: the thing is that they are a radical communist group and that's worse than fascism.

Ass To Ass

@simsoy: The libtards are gonna be happy that Obama didn't take out guns away when the uprising begins in a few years.

foking furry

@Parks: I hope that doesn't happen and if it does I doubt they could be as effective as conservatives with guns, shooting a gun in real life isn't like shooting them in video games

Ass To Ass

@deadshadow: I should've mentioned that the liberals are too much of pussies to do anything with guns. The conservatives will start it, and the libs will be happy it's happening during a republican era.