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Mind Field



I think YouTube Red finally has me.

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Based Deak

seems shit, absolute fecal matter

fecal, which comes from the latin faeces, which stands for dregs, as in "dregs of society", the scummest of scum, the bottom of the bottomless pit

bottomless pit, which is also a way to refer to your anus, the part of your body that releases fecal matter, in other words, shit, like that video

did you know that in humans the anus is developed before the mouth? does that explain how can someone say so much shit in one single video? but what *is* a video? how can you define a video? is it just a series of juxtapositioned images? is life, then, the longest video we'll ever watch?

and as always, thanks for sharing


I actually want to watch this. Fuck.

ya nibba oil

I might watch it if it has some spit facts in it.

@oilfire30: We don't want the facts, we just want the spit.



100% salt

looks interesting but YouTube red is still not available in other countries because youtube is stupid, probably want people to pay £6 an episode so they can fuck off.

Hey Big Zam!

Looks dope but yeah same problem as Lou.


That's actually a pretty good breakdown of all 3 vSauce channels. Haha


That is pretty lame. Any sites that rip and repost for you guys?

100% salt

@Nat: There definitely is but i just cannot be bothered to go out of my way to look for them

foking furry

i don't hate the idea of youtube red but im just to cheap to bother buying it



EDIT: This is the free episode BTW

Just watched episode one, and I thought it was fantastic. I'll wait for a few more episodes to be out so I can binge watch it on a one month subscription, along with Rhett and Link's Buddy System, and hopefully the show the Game Grumps are working on.

Click to play.