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I’m a dumb NGF and forgot my password.

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Welcome to CHAT



Welcome to the Internet Box's Come Here and Talk.

Basically no one is going to use this, but here it is anyway.

-Don't post anything illegal
-Don't post clop and/or furry porn
-Don't spam

Breaking said rules will get you banned. No warnings.

You can use basic BB code to style your text; bold, italics, underline, and strikethrough.

If you created a topic, you also have the ability to lock it if you're done with it.


763 Replies

I love you Mike...
Holy shit, I got first comment and didn't ROLF, the fuck is wrong with me...

This is a really cool feature, and I hope it get's used a lot.......

ah AH I don't know what to say.... Ed, Edd and Eddy!

Toothbrush rape reenactment.


time posted always states "about an hour ago".

awesome job though.

i'm with Garrett

Yeah, seriously, I was wondering about that. xD

*deep breath* ... Yay

Seems to be the only problem.

And i keep getting error 508

we definitely need to see the toothbrush rape reenactment, do it for the people who gave you over a million downloads

For the people!

do it Mike or the people will turn on you

Replying to OP: is there a way you could add alerts?

Way to go mike! You're proving yourself to be quite the full boy!


Replying to Dirt410:
Just the post date should display now.

Replying to Meh805:
This is our host's problem. Nothing I can really do about it at the moment.

Replying to Dirt410:
This kind of ties into Meh805's problem, as of right now that would cause more errors.

Replying to Mike:
Yeah I know.
Good job.

It would be cool if it said their favourite pony next to their name :D

Replying to Matt:
He is just going to set it to fluttershy then we wont be able to change it.

Replying to Mike:
this is turning out awesome, regardless.

Also i think there should be secondary ponies as options as favourite pony

Gotta show that Derpy love, bro!

And maybe a "Like" button of some kind, somewhere down the line

Replying to Matt:

it should say "so cash" instead

Replying to Dirt410: Or rate them Fluttershy or Applejack

Replying to Matt:

if he implemented that, i wouldn't use it ever. i merely only tolerate this bronie shit

Posted 42 years ago...

Replying to Dirt410: Brony*

Replying to BCKFuzster:


Replying to Blue:
Internet hasn't even been around that long lol.

Im not even 42...

Powered by Fluttershy

At least it's back to being an hour ago now. I still can't use the reply thing though...

Replying to Blue: its been off and on for me to just keep trying maybe give it some time

Blue are you on a mobile phone? I'm having the same reply problem and I think thats why.

Replying to ryan4642:
I am on my desktop and it was doing that to me.


Well this seem like fun.

Replying to PyroPrav:
Mike did something nice. For the people!

God mike, now I don't want to sleep.

Replying to ryan4642:
Sleep is for the weak post ponies.

Yeah. Almost 5AM here. I didn't get a wink of sleep and I gotta get up early. Oh well. xD

I'm falling prey. It's so hard to go.

Oh shit i do have to get up early... ugh.

Best of luck to you, dude... xD

xD im gonna lose you guys soon

Hey, post time is working now. Yay! :D

Oh yeah, cool!

Hey Mike! Since you have the Title "Overlord" next to your name you should let us have something like those, like the sponsor title on RT (Just a suggestion).

I second this.

Replying to Blue: Third, along with the favourite pony thing for the PEOPLE


Replying to Jason: My agreement with you, sir, is quite prominent! /wordofthedaytoiletpaper

I 4th this movement, Jason.

Have you made pony bots which reply like on Twitter?

Is there a date set for the stream this month?


Image testCHAT Image

Replying to Mike:
sweet. hope it works for me lol.
CHAT Image

neat it works.



Dear Internet Box Community, I am an NGF and had all my posts removed because I tried to oppose our OVERLORD.

Replying to Meh805: AAAAAHHHH
Unsee - GIF Test

Hmm... It would help to have a way to remove your own posts so one may go back and restrict image sizes or reformat a post...


More people should use this

Which Cutie Mark are you going to use for the CHAT?

Testing post


Replying to Tegdif:
I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do about that.

Replying to Mike:

You could use Derpy's.


Why not just make a Internet Box Tinychat?

test CHAT Image


Replying to OP:Thanks Mike :)

Kinda dissapointed the whole first thread wasnt a ROLF


CHAT Image

Replying to OP:
Howdy :D


Uh, just a question... When you say, "Don't post anything illegal." Which legal code are you referring to? The Country of Mike Legal Code? As in one would get banned for... Say... Creating a ClopClop/Furry thread? I'm not asking for me, of course... It's uhh... For my Mom. She wans to know... >.>


Replying to Tegdif:

LAWL. what if its decriminalized!?!

How do you upload an image?

Replying to Tegdif:

It needs the Mike Kroon seal of approval before anything

Do a stream


Wat. I am helping! Hi mike. Hope this takes off!

I have arrived, my children. Let's begin...

CHAT Image

Replying to Bartek: if you want to post an image or modify text look here for everything

...Am I supposed to be able to see the IP address of guests when they post?


Replying to Tegdif:

Thanks :D

I read the post in Mike's voice.

Replying to OP: Define "Illegal" in the rules... Does that include hand being licked? ;)

Replying to Baconsmith: I had a similar inquiry.

Also, C.H.A.T Protip: You can instantly scroll to the bottom of a thread by clicking on any reply.

Replying to Mike: I see why you're called a lesbian furry.


Replying to Loyaljokster:
That doesn't even make sense!

GG Mike.

WARNING: This suggestion will require lots of work!

It would be Fluttertastic if you had cutie mark badges which you earned from Achieveable-Esque stuff like 100 CHAT posts or one of your intros is played. And blocked accounts earn the AppleJack mark/stain!


Replying to Tegdif:
Maybe if this place gets more popular.


Dear Internet Box Community, I am an NGF and had all my posts removed because I tried to oppose our OVERLORD.